At OSO Home Interiors, we bring functionality and aesthetics together to provide homeowners with customized and efficient home designs. Our designers specialize in home interior design ideas and home decor to help you to create inviting and personal spaces. From the sophisticated living room design to space saving and clutter free interior design, we are here to help you to find the best home decor and home design to match your requirement and style.

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Types Of Material & Accessories

Yes, Oso Home Interiors is the fast growing company in Kerala, because we care your traditional ideas and what we are giving you is the best platform for interior designing. Interior Designing is not just the thing of engineered cabinet. We had grown through the traditional way and our interior designer can design anything with the available materials in the market. We don’t know how to say “NO”.

710g & 303g plywood
What are the types of Plywood?
MR Grade Plywood

This is moisture resistant plywood which is widely known as commercial plywood. It is an interior grade plywood and is intended for indoor applications. As the name says it can withstand moisture but that does not mean it is waterproof.

BWR Grade Plywood

This is boiling water resistant plywood. If you are in need of waterproof plywood for your kitchen it is better to opt for the BWR grade plywood. Yes, this grade of plywood stays unaffected no matter what the length of water contact is and what the degree of water temperature is.

BWP Grade Plywood

This is boiling waterproof grade plywood. It is similar to BWR grade plywood with a very small difference in technology and treatment methods employed during its manufacturing process. BWR is a lower grade than BWP which makes BWP costlier than BWR. However, both are durable and will withstand normal wear and tear.

Marine Grade Plywood

It is a superior grade plywood which highly resists water. Due to this nature, it is best suitable for conditions where the plywood gets prolonged exposure to water – thus an ideal choice for the kitchen.

Choosing a plywood that can last a lifetime by withstanding all the adverse effects of moisture, water, and heat is crucial. If you want to learn about the best material used in modular kitchens, do check this article. If you are stuck, it’s best to consult a OSO Home interiors designer to help you with this.

Decorative laminates

All About Laminates: Types, Finishes, Maintenance & Lot More Including where you can use it at home If you have been recently shopping for interiors, there are more chances than not that you came across laminates in one form or the other. Available in a range of decorative patterns and colors, today these form the surface of a lot more products than you can imagine. Read on for a quick summary of the features of this versatile material and tips on using it in your home.

What are laminates?

A composite artificial material The most commonly used finishing layer for MDF, plywood, particle board, wooden furniture, wall panels and flooring are laminates. Essentially, a composite artificial material, they are made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. The upper layer is printed with a decorative pattern or color.

All About Laminates: Types

Five main types

Decorative laminates – These have greater aesthetic appeal in terms of finishes and patterns. Decorative laminates can be used for doing ornamental overlays on furniture. And there are so many to choose from as well! Take a look at some of the popular decorative laminates. Industrial laminates – These have higher strength and are more resistant to wear and tear. They include high-performance laminates which are fire retardant, antibacterial and chemical resistant for application in hospitals and other industries.

Compact laminates – These fairly thick ones are self-supporting and do not need to be glued to any other material.

Post formed laminates – These flexible versions are thinner than regular laminates. They are used to wrap around tables, columns etc.

High-pressure and low-pressure laminates – Differing only in the pressure with which the laminate is applied on a substrate, HPL is usually used with plywood while LPL finds its use with MDF.

Kitchen Accessories

At OSO Home interiors, we understand how important your kitchen is to you. It really is the heart of your home, and should be designed for every aspect of life. This understanding is behind all our kitchen fittings and accessories. We know what you need from your kitchen, and every item is designed with you in mind.

Our innovative storage solutions help you organize your kitchen necessities the way you want to. Be it bulky food items or cooking vessels or even the day-to-day essentials; there is now an organized space available from OSO Home interiors for everything you need in your kitchen. Complete these innovative storage spaces with elegant and sturdy work-top surfaces and make your kitchen a pleasure to use, every day.

Every zone in your kitchen needs proper planning. This includes the installation of the right kind of drawers and cabinets, storage units, cooking appliances and washing and cleaning units according to the specific zone.


1). Introduction MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), HDF (High-Density Fiberboard), and HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistance) are all engineered wood products with different characteristics and uses.

MDF is made by compressing wood fibers with adhesive under high pressure and temperature. It has a smooth surface and is dense and uniform in composition. MDF is commonly used for furniture, cabinets, shelving, and interior decorative applications. It is not suitable for areas with high moisture or humidity.

HDF is similar to MDF but has a higher density due to more tightly compressed fibers. It is stronger and more durable than MDF, making it suitable for applications that require more strength, such as flooring, doors, and furniture components.

HDHMR is a specialized variant of HDF that is designed to have enhanced moisture resistance. It is manufactured with moisture-resistant resins and is engineered to withstand higher humidity levels. HDHMR is often used in areas with increased moisture exposure, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

In terms of cost, MDF is generally the least expensive option, followed by HDF, and then HDHMR. However, prices can vary depending on factors such as thickness, quality, and geographical location.

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